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All of our artists are professional entertainers and have experience working at corporate, private sector, and professional events.

If your artist is not listed or you are not sure about the type of act you need, contact RizingStar Entertainment Agency. We will book any artist available for your event and specialize in matching performers with your event goals.

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David BlaineDavid took the magic community by storm with his first ABC special "David Blaine: Street Magic." Virtually unknown before the broadcast, the name David Blaine was immediately on the lips of most magicians. He topped that by being buried alive for five days, during which he remained on public display in New York City to promote his special, "David Blaine: Magic Man."

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Franz HararyIn the past 20 years, Franz Harary has created over 130 original illusions. Harary's background stems from the world of pop-culture and technology. As quickly as do the images of these genre's change so does the magic brought to life in his show.

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Jason ByrneThe 25-year-old Canadian wizard seemed to explode onto the national magic scene via television with his powerful spot on NBC's World's Greatest Magic II. The following summer he won the Society of American Magicians Silver Medal of Merit and the opportunity to be the SAM Sponsored Contestant at the 1997 FISM Convention in Dresden, Germany.

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Jeff Edmonds"You are the best magician I have ever seen!" -John Henry, Owner Florida Marlins

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Mac KingHe'll amaze you with his rope tricks, gross you out with worms and pluck fish out of thin air. A lovable country bumpkin (he's from Kentucky, as he keeps reminding the crowd), humor seems to come naturally to King - there's no forced laughter in his showroom, as evidenced by the thunderous applause and raucous laughter after every act.

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Peter MarveyMagicMania - The extraordinary 90 minute magic show with dancers consists of more than 15 breathtaking illusions, unique in the world. Invented, produced and presented by Peter Marvey. The magician takes the audience to the Land "MagicMania" where wonder and madness abound . Welcome to the land of dreams and fantasy, unlike anything you might have seen before.

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The PendragonsNo matter what the venue, the Pendragons meet the challenge. For PBS television, they performed in front of Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pop Orchestra, presenting illusions to classical music. For Universal Studios, they wrote, directed and starred in a special nighttime illusion spectacular, "Illusions of the Night," that played to more than one million people and gained the reputation as Universal's most successful live show ever.

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